Treatment offer

We have a wide range of treatments that are adapted to you and your needs. We work interdisciplinary with our patients and want to see the person as a whole.

Treatment offer
Mental Health

WeCare is HELFO approved in the field of mental health care and substance abuse, and is part of the Free Treatment Choice.
Individual therapy
Permanent therapist (psychologist/psychologist specialist)
Weekly conversations with your therapist
Treatment plan
The course of treatment is evaluated every 14 days, according to the package process
Evidence-based methods, such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioral therapy, and emotion-focused therapy
Group therapy
The ACT group
Led by a psychologist
8-10 participants
Runs over the course of 6 weeks, with two group meetings per week
Psychoeducational group
Trauma stabilization group
Led by a psychologist
Ca. 8 participants
Runs over the course of 8 weeks, with two group meetings per week
Psychoeducational group which is intended to be stabilizing for trauma patients
Based on "tilbake til nåtid" prepared by Modum Bad
Gestalt group
Led by a gestalt therapist
Ca. 8-10 participants
Goes continuously with two group meetings per week
Process-oriented group
Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy and relates to what is happening "right now"
Gestalt therapy places great emphasis on personal responsibility, and has developed methods to make people aware of their own feelings, reactions, and actions so that they can more clearly recognize and see themselves and their choices

This is how you can receive treatment with us

There are several ways to pay for a stay with us, the most common being treatment insurance from the employer, private health insurance or paying privately.


Treatment insurance is a health insurance that gives you faster treatment and clarification in the event of illness or injury. You avoid the public healthcare queue and receive rapid treatment in the private healthcare system, completely/often without a deductible.



A health insurance should ensure you receive prompt treatment for injuries and illnesses. It is not the case that you are automatically transferred to a private hospital, but if you wait more than 10-15 days in the healthcare queue, the insurance company normally buys a place for you in private healthcare


We offer private treatment stays of 1-5 weeks for patients who wish to be admitted themselves or who are relatives. 
We have a 1-5 week stay with mapping and customized treatment. We also have
a week's mapping and treatment package.
Call for price!
From 1 January 2023, the state does not cover private hospitalization via Free Treatment Choice.


Head office:
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0394 Oslo

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