We offer 24-hour mental health care for adults above 18 years of age.

All people have the right to a good life, regardless of illness or diagnosis.

We have extensive experience after several years in the healthcare system, from the municipal, non-profit and private sectors. We provide services within mental healthcare and substance abuse on behalf of the public. In other words, it doesn't cost you anything more to choose us - you might just be even happier!

Anxiety, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorders

Obsessive-compulsive and anxiety disorders are common mental disorders characterized by avoidance behaviour, thoughts of disaster and a high degree of autonomic activation.

Fortunately, there are good treatment options through psychoeducation, exposure and tools to regulate emotions. We offer treatment when 24-hour treatment is considered appropriate.

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of depression and periods of hypomania or manic periods. Some people experience a good effect from medication, while others want to manage without medication or with as little medication as possible. We adapt drug treatment in collaboration with the patient. At the same time, it is often necessary to find a balance in life. This often involves good routines around sleep and activity. Good coping strategies and insight into one's own patterns will also be useful for many with this disorder.

Depressive disorders

Depression is characterized by a lack of joy, brooding and impaired functioning, and is a common mental disorder.

The purpose of our treatment is to rediscover the meaning of life, to start activities, and perform actions that have value for the patient. In addition, get help to shift the focus from the negative thought process with the help of ACT or CBT.

Eating disorders

An eating disorder is a term for several disorders where thoughts, feelings, and actions in relation to food, body, and weight negatively affect your quality of life.

We offer a customized treatment stay for eating disorders with cognitive therapy, mindfulness, ACT, diet plan and activity plan. Where parts of the treatment can take place in a group. 


Trauma can result in a number of different symptoms that impair the quality of life in different ways.

We offer trauma stabilization group and individually tailored treatment for PTSD and complex trauma.

We offer treatment 
within the following diagnoses:

Eating disorders
Anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder
Depressive disorders
Geriatric psychiatry
Bipolar disorders
Personality disorder
Dissociative disorders
Complex trauma 

This is how you can receive treatment with us

There are several ways to pay for a stay with us, the most common being treatment insurance from the employer, private health insurance or paying privately.


Treatment insurance is a health insurance that gives you faster treatment and clarification in the event of illness or injury. You avoid the public healthcare queue and receive rapid treatment in the private healthcare system, completely/often without a deductible.



A health insurance should ensure you receive prompt treatment for injuries and illnesses. It is not the case that you are automatically transferred to a private hospital, but if you wait more than 10-15 days in the healthcare queue, the insurance company normally buys a place for you in private healthcare


We offer private treatment stays of 1-5 weeks for patients who wish to be admitted themselves or who are relatives. 
We have a 1-5 week stay with mapping and customized treatment. We also have
a week's mapping and treatment package.
Call for price!
From 1 January 2023, the state does not cover private hospitalization via Free Treatment Choice.


Head office:
Sørkedalsveien 6
0394 Oslo

Telephone: See each clinic
Email: post@wecareomsorg.no


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