We offer examination and treatment in cardiology, neurology, and joint and muscle pain (outpatient physiotherapy).

Heart examination

This basic examination is relevant for most types of heart symptoms or if there is a high risk of heart disease.
When we detect problems with the heart at an early stage, we can prevent lasting damage to the heart and the further development of diseases.
The heart examination is carried out by a cardiologist and contains all necessary examinations. Both ultrasound of the heart, EKG, measurement of blood pressure, long-term EKG recording, blood tests, and stress EKG if there is an indication for this.

Examination by a neurologist

Our neurologist offers thorough checks and follow-up for neurological diseases and damage to the nervous system.
Do you need follow-up after a stroke, or an examination for headaches and migraines? 

Do you have nerve damage in your arms or legs, or neck and back pain? Do you suffer from dizziness or numbness? 

Do you need assessment in relation to other neurological conditions?

If you have had a stroke, we can offer outpatient follow-up after you have returned home from the hospital or rehabilitation.

To ensure high quality and competence in the diagnostic work, our neurologist works closely with our clinical neurophysiologists, who carry out the necessary additional examinations when this is necessary.
Short description
A neurological examination involves a comprehensive survey to check whether the symptoms you have are due to a disease of the nervous system.

First we go through your medical history. We then carry out a thorough neurological examination to find out where in the nervous system the symptoms are coming from.

If you have chronic migraine (15 days of headache or more a month, of which at least eight are migraine attacks) treatment with injections can be effective.

We offer treatment of chronic migraine with injections according to guidelines drawn up by NKH (the National Headache Service.)
You may benefit greatly from seeing a neurologist if you have symptoms such as:
Pain conditions in the face as in trigeminal neuralgia
Pain conditions in the neck, back or legs as in the case of a herniated disc
Loss of dexterity in the hands or feet (polyneuropathy)
Loss of strength/difficulties walking
Involuntary movements
Speech difficulties
Double vision
You may benefit greatly from seeing a neurologist if you have symptoms such as:
Inflammatory disease of the nervous system
Parkinson's disease (symptoms such as involuntary tremors, stiff muscles, slow movements, and/or poor balance/coordination).
Epilepsy (have experienced epileptic seizures)

Private consultation
with a physiotherapist

With our physiotherapists in Bergen, you will receive a thorough examination based on your medical history. In order to arrive at the right treatment, we depend on finding the right diagnosis. Our physiotherapists are based on scientifically documented research and help you get healthier.
WeCare Bergen has physiotherapists with extensive experience in joint, muscle and skeletal injuries, osteoarthritis, heart disease and much more.
Our physiotherapists help you with:
Pain in the neck, shoulder and back
Osteoarthritis of the knee and hip
Musculoskeletal disorders
Cardiac rehabilitation
Heart disease
Back rehabilitation of patients with long-term back problems
Training: guidance and follow-up
Lifestyle guidance and motivation

This is how you can receive treatment with us

There are several ways to pay for a stay with us, the most common being treatment insurance from the employer, private health insurance or paying privately.


Treatment insurance is a health insurance that gives you faster treatment and clarification in the event of illness or injury. You avoid the public healthcare queue and receive rapid treatment in the private healthcare system, completely/often without a deductible.



A health insurance should ensure you receive prompt treatment for injuries and illnesses. It is not the case that you are automatically transferred to a private hospital, but if you wait more than 10-15 days in the healthcare queue, the insurance company normally buys a place for you in private healthcare


We offer private treatment stays of 1-5 weeks for patients who wish to be admitted themselves or who are relatives. 
We have a 1-5 week stay with mapping and customized treatment. We also have
a week's mapping and treatment package.
Call for price!
From 1 January 2023, the state does not cover private hospitalization via Free Treatment Choice.


Head office:
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Telephone: See each clinic
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