Guided training can give better progress than training without guidance, because you get help to adapt resistance and intensity.

Training injuries

Guided training can give better progress than training without guidance, because you get help to adapt resistance and intensity.
Individual training with a physiotherapist

On our premises at Jarleveien 12, you will have the opportunity to train alone (together with a physiotherapist), in spacious halls, and to muted music.

Guided training can give better progress than training without guidance, because you get help to adapt resistance and intensity.

The physiotherapist also has knowledge of various diseases and injuries/wear and tear which must be taken into account when starting training.

First, a mapping interview is carried out where the physiotherapist, together with you, sets good goals for the training.

A training plan is then set up where we adapt the training to your own wishes/needs.
Exercise and lifestyle

Get started with health-promoting exercise. We have low-threshold training on Wednesdays and Fridays.

With us, you train safely and functionally. We are experts in preventive and rehabilitative training.

There are many people who do not feel completely comfortable at a regular fitness centre. At WeCare Trondheim, you can exercise in safe surroundings, with expert guidance from our physiotherapists. The classes are set up so that they will suit the vast majority of people, regardless of their physical condition.

You will receive the necessary instruction to be able to participate in our group lessons, so there is no need for prior knowledge.

We also have Active with osteoarthritis courses, with evening courses, examination by a physiotherapist and preparation of an adapted exercise programme.

We can also help you with lifestyle changes. Our clinical nutritionist can help you with dietary adjustments and plans.
Fitness center

Get started with training. We have low-threshold training at a fitness center every Tuesday and Friday.

The fitness center is open every Tuesday and Friday. In addition, we have group training on Tuesdays at 14.00, led by physiotherapists.

Opening hours:
Tuesdays at 14–15: Group training
Tuesdays and Fridays at 08.30–15.30: Open training centre

To participate in training, you must buy a clip card for 10 clips for NOK 300. You can buy this here, and pay with Vipps or card. You can also buy clip cards at the reception.

When attending, you register by scanning the QR code hanging on the door.

This is how you can receive treatment with us

There are several ways to pay for a stay with us, the most common being treatment insurance from the employer, private health insurance or paying privately.


Treatment insurance is a health insurance that gives you faster treatment and clarification in the event of illness or injury. You avoid the public healthcare queue and receive rapid treatment in the private healthcare system, completely/often without a deductible.



A health insurance should ensure you receive prompt treatment for injuries and illnesses. It is not the case that you are automatically transferred to a private hospital, but if you wait more than 10-15 days in the healthcare queue, the insurance company normally buys a place for you in private healthcare


We offer private treatment stays of 1-5 weeks for patients who wish to be admitted themselves or who are relatives. 
We have a 1-5 week stay with mapping and customized treatment. We also have
a week's mapping and treatment package.
Call for price!
From 1 January 2023, the state does not cover private hospitalization via Free Treatment Choice.


Head office:
Sørkedalsveien 6
0394 Oslo

Telephone: See each clinic
Email: post@wecareomsorg.no


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