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The clinic has 40 hotel-standard patient rooms, a commercial kitchen with its own chef, and fantastic hiking opportunities right outside it's doors.

Welcome to
WeCare Gjerdrum

The clinic has 40 hotel-standard patient rooms, a commercial kitchen with its own chef, and fantastic hiking opportunities right outside it's doors. At the same time, it is centrally located within proximity to both Oslo and Oslo Airport.
WeCare department Gjerdrum is located in rural surroundings in the municipality of Gjerdrum in Romerike, in the center of Ask. This is midway between Oslo city and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. The clinic has until now been run as a highly recognized hotel, so the standard of the facilities are great. The clinic consists of two buildings where each building contains 20 rooms with private bathrooms. In total, we have room for 40 patients. 
In the middle is the main house. Here you will find a cozy dining room, large kitchen with its own chef, TV lounge, activity room, offices, and group rooms.

In the immediate vicinity of the clinic you will find a relaxing garden, with a gazebo, vegetable garden, carp pond, and a large terrace with a barbecue and pergola.
As mentioned, the clinic is centrally located in Ask, while also being "well out in the countryside", with farms, golf courses, forests and fields in the immediate vicinity. There are well lit trails all year round, with ski trails in the winter and hiking trails to beautiful swimming or fishing lakes in the summer.
The entire main building has been newly refurbished in the spring of 2022.

Treatment stay with us

Individual treatment
Group therapy
The ACT method
Cognitive therapy and emotion-focused therapy
Medication reduction offer
Mindfulness and yoga
Gazebo, carp pond
Large terrace with a barbecue and pergola
Ball sports and walking
Vegetable garden
Good and healthy diet
Hotel standard rooms

Multidisciplinary team

With us, you will meet a multidisciplinary team, 
consisting of:
Psychology specialist
Psychiatric nurse
Environmental therapist
Environmental worker
Experience consultant

This is how you can receive treatment with us

There are several ways to pay for a stay with us, the most common being treatment insurance from the employer, private health insurance or paying privately.


Treatment insurance is a health insurance that gives you faster treatment and clarification in the event of illness or injury. You avoid the public healthcare queue and receive rapid treatment in the private healthcare system, completely/often without a deductible.



A health insurance should ensure you receive prompt treatment for injuries and illnesses. It is not the case that you are automatically transferred to a private hospital, but if you wait more than 10-15 days in the healthcare queue, the insurance company normally buys a place for you in private healthcare


We offer private treatment stays of 1-5 weeks for patients who wish to be admitted themselves or who are relatives. 
We have a 1-5 week stay with mapping and customized treatment. We also have
a week's mapping and treatment package.
Call for price!
From 1 January 2023, the state does not cover private hospitalization via Free Treatment Choice.
WeCare Gjerdrum is at a quiet and beautiful location at Ask in Gjerdrum, just 15 minutes from Gardermoen and 30 minutes from Oslo. The clinic has been newly refurbished to hotel standards and is surrounded by a cozy oasis with a gazebo, vegetable garden, and carp pond.


+47 907 09 274




WeCare Gjerdrum
Gjerivegen 4
2022 Gjerdrum


Head office:
Sørkedalsveien 6
0394 Oslo

Telephone: +47 907 09 274
Email: post@wecareomsorg.no


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