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WeCare Nærland offers interdisciplinary rehabilitation, as a day and 24-hour service for those who have undergone cancer, heart disease, chronic lung disease, morbid obesity or work-oriented rehabilitation. We focus on coping skills and quality of life and want to be able to contribute to an active life.

Welcome to
WeCare Nærland

Our offer is particularly adapted to those with a diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, chronic lung disease, morbid obesity or work-oriented rehabilitation. We help you on your way with lasting lifestyle changes!
We have rehabilitation courses over three weeks, supported by a broadly composed, professional team within nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, and medicine.

We have an agreement with Helse Vest regarding specialized rehabilitation services.
Knowledge, security and inspiration
At the rehabilitation center in Nærland, you will be met by an interdisciplinary rehabilitation team who will give you knowledge, security and inspiration so that you can face everyday challenges in a better way. The clinic is located in idyllic surroundings at Nærland, just outside Nærbø by Jæren's fields and beaches.

The rehabilitation center was established in 2006 and is located at Jæren in Rogaland. We have an agreement with Helse Vest regarding specialized rehabilitation services.
The course of treatment
We offer a customized activity plan that ensures good and lasting routines that you can also adopt and master in your daily life. All participants take part in physical activity and fitness training. The rehabilitation course includes lessons, group-based and individual conversations to promote good mental health and ensure appropriate choices and lasting behavioral change. 

We work from the cognitive approach, and actively use cognitive behavioral therapy in our teaching, with a focus on mastery and awareness of one's own health.

Most of the activities are group-based, but with individual adaptation, to accommodate the individual's rehabilitation process, and possibly courses and follow-up in relation to helping you quit smoking.

Our offer is especially 
adapted to you who have:

Been treated for cancer
Have heart disease or have undergone heart surgery/heart transplantation
Has chronic lung disease
Are on sick leave or are at risk of becoming so
Is morbidly obese and needs a lifestyle change. The offer also applies to lifestyle treatment before bariatric surgery
We also offer work-oriented rehabilitation. This form of rehabilitation is aimed at people on sick leave, or those who are at risk of becoming sick due to health-related ailments. The aim is for people with health challenges to return to work more quickly and avoid long-term sick leave.
Our aim is to give the participants help to gain insight into how they think about themselves and their challenges. The main goal is to change feelings and behavior that inhibits you in everyday life.


Stays with us during the daytime include the rehabilitation program and 4 meals. The offer is suitable for those who are still in work. If you are in residential rehabilitation, you also have a separate room with a bathroom, as well as 5 meals.
Other facilities:
Swimming pool, gymnasium and exercise room
Space for relaxation and socializing
Great hiking areas and beaches
Frisbee golf and bicycles for loan
Common dining room with buffet where 5 healthy meals based on the Directorate of Health's recommendations with lots of local produce are served every day

Referral process

When you have been referred from a hospital or GP, and have been granted the right to rehabilitation, you only pay public deductibles. You can also come to stay via your health insurance/treatment insurance or as a private payer.


Hospitals send applications with epicrisis directly to the clinic.
We can receive electronically or by post.


The GP sends an application with/epicrisis via the assessment unit for rehabilitation to the health region you belong to. (Helse Midt, Helse Sør-Øst, Helse Vest or Helse Nord)

The referral process is simple and above you see a guide to us in WeCare, 
If you are not sure how to go about getting a place, don't hesitate to contact us by phone, 
then we will help you personally. 

You can also come as a private paying customer or via your insurance company.
After the discontinuation of the Free treatment choice, a referral is not necessary, 
but it is an advantage if you have it.
WeCare Nærland is suitable if you suffer from cancer, heart disease, chronic lung disease or morbid obesity. We focus on rehabilitation of coping skills and enjoyment of life.


+47 920 66 484 




Grenseveien 12
4365 Nærbø


Head office:
Sørkedalsveien 6
0394 Oslo

Telephone: +47 907 09 274
Email: post@wecareomsorg.no


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