Central Norway Health RHF

HMN has entered into agreements with private suppliers for the purchase of somatic specialist healthcare services.

Central Norway Health RHF

HMN has entered into agreements with private suppliers for the purchase of somatic specialist healthcare services. WeCare Trondheim is part of this agreement and means that patients have increased freedom of choice and contributes to the necessary capacity in the region. The agreement with HMN means that patients can apply for interdisciplinary specialized rehabilitation. You need a referral from a GP or hospital to receive treatment within the agreement. You only pay the deductible.

Become a patient with us

out-of-pocket rehabilitation

A better life with and after cancer on assignment and in collaboration with Helse Midt-Norge RHF.
Your GP refers electronically and forwards the referral to WeCare Trondheim.
Polyclinics with patients in the patient history can refer directly to WeCare Trondheim
A deductible is paid up to the deductible cap 2.
Together we can achieve a better life!


Offer over 2.5 hours, 2 evenings a week for 4 weeks. In addition, you get 4 weeks of training follow-up afterwards. You get help from a team of doctors, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, clinical nutritionists and nutritional advisors. 

In the course we cover topics such as diet, exercise and mental health. This will be both theoretically and practically oriented. - price NOK 7,500. Contact trondheim@wecareomsorg.no for further information.


We have a framework agreement with Helse Sør-East and Helse Midt Norge, which means that you can be referred to us from a hospital or GP.
Central Norway Health RHF


It is easy to think that weight reduction is the main goal. At us, we believe that it is important to establish increased enjoyment of life and mastery in everyday life in order to achieve one's goals. We have courses 5 hours per day, 3 days per week for 5 weeks. You are followed up by a multidisciplinary team with a doctor, psychologist, nurse, physiotherapist, clinical nutritionist and nutritionist. The course is both theoretically and practically oriented. - Price: NOK 30,000. 

Get in touch at trondheim@wecareomsorg.no for further information. 
The treatment offer is provided by WeCare Trondheim in collaboration with Helse Midt-Norge.
WeCare Trondheim offers interdisciplinary specialized rehabilitation during the day for those who have, or have had, cancer, struggle with musculoskeletal disorders, or are overweight.


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WeCare Trondheim
Jarleveien 12
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Head office:
Sørkedalsveien 6
0394 Oslo

Telephone: +47 907 09 274
Email: post@wecareomsorg.no


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